Love to Love - Believer Clitoral Stimulator


Love to Love - Believer Clitoral Stimulator


So small and yet so intrepid, Believer will give you wings to dare, to experiment, and to live out breathtaking experiencesalone or in charming company.  

The Flapping design creates a symbiosis between the body and the Believer. This design combines two inseparable forces for an explosive result. The rhythmic up-and-down and back-and-forth movements allow the supple silicone membrane to flap like wings over the clitoral area.

The ultra-soft mouth hugs the clitoris, acting like a sounding board to amplify the sensations generated by the movements. Play with the 5 intensities to obtain more or less intense stimulation and visualize mode changes day or night thanks to the backlit display. Thanks to its rounded design, totally adapted to the ergonomics of the hand, it's a pleasure to hold. Are you ready for aquatic orgasms?

In the bath or shower, it's up to you, Believer is waterproof! Its small size is a great asset, so slip it into your suitcase or handbag for a weekend away, a trip or the office. A sudden craving can't wait!

A confidence booster, Believer will give you the courage to dare with conviction.

  • Waterproof
  • Total length: 9.8 cm
  • Autonomy: 1H25 
  • Charging time: 1H15

Download the manual here

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