Ripple - Boost Bonbon Incense Droplets


Ripple - Boost Bonbon Incense Droplets 

26 Droplets + 1 Glass holder

Meet the ripple* droplet: It's a little drop of incense heaven that burns for at least 10 mins each - and with 26 per pack, that's 260+ mins of beautiful fragrance release, perfect for any self-care ritual.

With raspberry trees and marshmallow skies, unlock your inner child as you play with a droplet+ that captivates the floral essence of rose yet adds a sophisticated but sweet tone of raspberry. Cheeky.

How to use:

Place droplet on the glass incense holder provided.
Light the tip of the droplet & blow out the flame after a few seconds.
Enjoy the delicious aroma of BOOST as it envelopes your space. Once the burn is complete there will be a small amount of ash on the glass holder - wait for cooling to dispose of the ash. If necessary, the glass holder can be cleaned in warm soapy water.


Proprietary blend of handpicked botanicals, carefully selected resins and premium essential oils.


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