Ripple - Happy Passion Fruit Aroma 1,000 Puffs


Ripple - Happy Passion Fruit Aroma

1,000 Puffs

Booted up with 1,000 puffs, there's now even more tropical taste for you to dig into. Your thoughts may wonder even further into a scene of radiant sunshine, palm trees, and a calm sea breeze while you satisfy yourself with a sleek companion laced with passion fruit sweetness. Combining anxiety-relieving schisandra and cooling limeflower, this aroma supports your high spirits and sets the vibes like a caribbean cooler.


Passionfruit aroma

Awakens and invigorates the mind


Stabilises your senses


Supports balance and calm

Natural Schisandra Extract, Natural Limeflower Extract, Natural Flavourings, Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol


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