Roll On Jade - Palo Santo 4 Pieces


Roll On Jade - Palo Santo

4 Pieces

Discover Palo Santo, a smudging method known and reputed for thousands of years for its harmonising, relaxing and purifying properties. This sacred wood will allow you to cleanse the energies of all your crystals, your environment and yourself to find a sense of peace and harmony - promote relaxation and encourage meditation.

Our Palo Santo comes straight from Latin America (Peruvian Forests) and is obtained only from naturally fallen branches that are collected by the surrounding communities. This process is certified by the National Forest and Wildlife Service of Peru (SERFOR). The Palo Santo trade is highly regulated in South America and it is illegal to cut down trees for consumer use.

How to use:

We strongly recommend that you purify your environment and yourself daily as soon as you feel the need. Your stones can also be purified every 2 days for example, depending on the frequency of use.


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