FrezyDerm - Sensiteeth First Crazy Berry 40ml


FrezyDerm - Sensiteeth First Crazy Berry

Sensiteeth First Toothpaste is ideal for infants aged from 6 months to children up to 3 years old. It has been especially formulated to protect the mouth’s natural mucosa. Sensiteeth protects first teeth from decay and plaque formation. Its delicious blueberry flavour makes it a favourite of little people everywhere.

Suitable for Children with celiac disease (gluten-free)

How to use:

Apply a lentil-sized amount onto a soft children’s toothbrush.
We would recommend brushing your child's teeth in the morning, afternoon and evening, following the last meal of the day.

Useful tip: Avoid using your baby’s bottle as dummy as residual liquid in the bottle may increase the levels of sugar and acid in the mouth, which can damage baby’s teeth.


Xylitol: Natural protection and anti-plaque action that prevents cavities developing in milk teeth.  
Stevia: Natural sweetener

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